Installation view 9: Steenhuffel, 2014

//Installation view 9: Steenhuffel, 2014
Installation view 9: Steenhuffel, 20142017-11-30T18:39:40+00:00

Project Description

Instal­la­tion view 9: Steen­huf­fel, 2014

Lev­el 1 South Gallery; detail, Cop­per­smith, 2014; site-spe­cif­ic mur­al paint­ed with assis­tance from: Kirsty Budge, Jack Halls, Kendall Mantz, and Ger­vaise Nether­way from the Paint­ing pro­gram of the Vic­to­ri­an Col­lege of the Arts, Uni­ver­si­ty of Mel­bourne